Hotel Management Software

Customer Management

This module manages the activities happens in customer management. The customer management module helps the hotel admin with the securing of all the customer transactions and accommodation.

Services Management

In order to compete with the other companies in hotel business, this module must be present in the system. This will save and monitor the services rendered by the employees to the customers. And the services were all based from what the hotel offers

Rooms and Accommodation Management

This module will check and update all the rooms and accommodation status to provide the customers the quality services. It will also lighten the jobs of the hotel admin because this modules records all the basic information and status of the hotel rooms.

Reservation Management

Nowadays, people and most of the customers are fond of the reservations before they avail the services. It is because that they secure already the accommodation before they go to the hotel. With this module, the customer can choose the accommodation that they want and avail the services they desire.

Agent Management

This module manage the agent commission regarding the customer and automatically calculate the commission as per given commission percentage.